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October 3, 2007

Gin’s background story

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Here is the background story I came up with for Gin, not sure if I will use it yet, or if I will change it, what do you think of it? 

Gin has vague memories of his mother, Sanghee, and none of his father. Back then they really did not have a permanent home, they would often sleep on the street or stay in the home of one of his mother’s many male friends. Gin was a light sleeper, he would often wake in the middle of the night to the rustling sound of his mother gathering her possessions and trying to leave without him.

He still remembers the day she finally abandoned him, he was 5 yrs old. They had gone to the temple in the city. They would go to a temple at least every year and his mother where she would repeatedly stand and kneel while holding a wooden beaded necklace and murmuring something to herself. They would be there for what seemed hours. It was after such a time that his mother told him she cared about him and that she wanted a better life for him then she could provide. She then went to the bathroom and never came back. He waited there for her until the monks found him sitting alone.

He stayed with the monks about a month till they found someone who would take him in. It was an older man, Jungwan, a retired tai kwon do master. Gin happily stayed with Jungwan, he call him father, for many years where he learned about honor and tai kwon do, but Father was very old and he died when Gin was 14 yrs old.

Gin soon found himself out on the street. Being half cat and close so close to nature in his mind set, it was not a big thing having to survive on his own, he adapted quickly to survival. On his own he found other strays like himself that he would often befriend. Like himself most of these strays had no respect for humans laws that tend to protect only those that had money. Often he would find himself fleeing from city to city very similar to his mother.

On the street his fighting skills increased from practice and from sharing knowledge with similar strays. Because of his background in Tai kwon do, he was able to pick up knowledge of other forms of martial arts from Japanese sword fighting to different forms of Tai-chi.

In fleeing the law and one of the local gangs he arrived in Midian city at age 20. He instantly fell in love with the city. Instinctively he took to the roof tops and came across a group called the Catwalkers. They seemed to tolerate his presences except when he would go too close to their den in which case they would chase him away usually having to point their guns at him. In spending so much time on the rooftops he had a lot of time to observe this group of cats, and it was his first time that he considerer not to flee to the next city. Watching the Catwalkers, he felt a longing for a home, a family…


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