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October 5, 2007

Reseaching on being an Animal

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Midian Kitty with a sword in blood red water

So as my Catwalker trainer suggested, I am going to concentrate on role playing more on my cat side than on my human side. So yesterday I went to the library and got a few books. Strange enough the one I am going to quote from today I randomly opened it up in the library and read some interesting things about cats. When I brought it home I could not find anything in the book about cats, it had a lot of info about fish and birds.

Today I was able to find the spot in the book about cats, but before I go into that, here is some interesting info about dogs. The author was saying when a dog feels fear and is undecided and torn between either fight or flight, his facial expression will be one of aggression showing his teeth and he will more apt to make loud noise.  On the other hand if he has no fear, his face will be calmer and he will just attack. 

So before I move onto the cat info, the book I am getting this information from is On Aggression, by Konrad Lorenz (1966)

The chapter I have been reading is on Instinct. “…a passionate hunter cannot be cured by abundant feeding.”(p 88) 

“…one tends to assume that the cat performs the movement pattern of prey catching ‘for the sake of eating only.’ That this is not so can be demonstrated experimentally. Leyhausen gave to cats which were keen hunters one mouse after the other and observed the order in which the part actions of preying and eating disappeared. First the cat stopped eating but killed a few more mice, leaving them untouched. Next the killing bite disappeared, but the cat continued to stalk and to catch the mice. Later still, when the movement pattern of catching was exhausted, the cat still did not stop stalking the mice an indeed, in so doing, it always chose those farthest away in the opposite corner of the room, and ignored those that ran over its forepaws.” (p 92)

I believe it goes on to talk about the need for such an action or the desire to fulfill these instincts. It gives and example about a human baby when given a bottle of milk that takes no effort to drink, and the baby gets full fast, she will then look for other things to suck on to fulfill her need and instinct to feed to its fullness.


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