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July 20, 2007

Back in Midian again

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I am back in Midian again, this time exploring the sim as a Cat. So far I have had more action with others as a boy than a cat, but more meaninful adventures as a cat.

Hmm I took the warrior skin I has struggling so much with making and used it to make a neko skin, though it has much more fur than regular nekos, it looks a bit like a furry in some cases, so that has potential to put me in a category where I am rejected by both the neko and the furry community. But hey, it does have an original look, and the look I kind of like, though a bit scary, but inside he is really cuddly and playful.

Life in Midian so far as a stray is a bit lonely but I occationally meet some kind strangers. I will see some action from time to time, other times it is up to me to make my own action.

Hmm.. though a strays life can be a bit lonely, and there will be times I think of kindship and stare out into the distance where I know the hang out of the pack of cats hang. But I am not sure if I have the time to invest in such a family, and so far have been meeting interesting dwellers of the city. The other day I met a cute cat, Jazzy, she would be a good one to hang out with and get into trouble, something that comes natural to a cat in Midian.

Somehow I just enjoy hanging out on top of the church looking at the city below and listening to the crows complain of my presence.



  1. Guess u’ve came a while long since u posted this now. The thing is I only discovered your blog today, lol. I spent a whole weekend in Midian, when I assumed the cat part of me. I wondered, explored and from the catwalk near the main street I watched. I went up on the roofs and also observed the pack talking amongst themselves. Then I was spotted by this full of himself cat jerk. He ordered me to go down, apparently strays were’nt allow where I sat. I asked him where could I go. He didn’t bother to reply me. I left and never bothered coming back again.

    Well… guess I’m not a gregarious cat, either, lol

    Comment by Sand Posthorn — October 22, 2007 @ 4:37 pm

  2. Since you are a stray, you are allowed anywhere on the rooftops or the catwalks, except when it is near the den. If you were human you would only be allowed on the awnings. I would be glad to show you were it is safe for you to wander, just send me an IM.

    I am sorry the cat did not reply to your question. The Catwalkers have quite a lot of new Kittens and a lot of them are still learning what is going on, just like real the thing. Hmm I was a stray a long time before I became a Kitten with the catwalkers, so I had already experienced things like you have mentioned first hand.

    Comment by ginsengkyong — October 22, 2007 @ 7:22 pm

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